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Massage and Osteopathy in barcelona

Massage and Osteopathy in barcelona

Massage and Osteopathy in barcelona, feel great today

Osteopathy and massage, is in general, not a one off activity. If you want to see real results a few sessions are required. For example a deep sprain will not recover after just the one massage, equally cellulite will not disapear after one session. For this reason we offer a discounted Osteopathy and massages packs.

Our massages follow the AMAVCI system of massage, a world recognized technique. The AMAVCI massage works to relax the body as well as tease out any tightness caused by excess physical stress, repetitive actions and / or anxiety and nerves.

A therapeutic massage leaves the client feeling not only mentally calm but physically more free with improved ease of movement.

The  massages are an hour. You can choose from a specific body area or a full body massage.

We offer the following massages
Sports massage
Anti cellulite massage
Circulation massage
relaxation massage

The  osteopathy sessions are 45 minutes. The benefits of Osteopathy are:

  • Increases range of movement and reduces stiffness in joints and muscles.
  • Realigns the spine improving poor posture and inter-vertebral injuries such; as disc protrusions (slip discs and hernias)
  • Helps mobilise joints reducing unnecessary stress and tension
  • Prevents headaches, fatigue and neck pain.
  • Increases blood circulation and reduces blood pressure.
  • Allows the body nervous system to flow freely reducing pain and helping the body to to send nerve signals from the brain to the injured area to heal.
  • Aids digestive problems and encourage better sleep patterns.

To book your first session or to have a chat with a specialist click here or call us on 644316850

We use only natural products and our massage therapists and Osteopaths are highly qualified. try massage and Osteopathy in barcelona and stop suffering now. Massage and Osteopathy in barcelona in our beautiful centrally located health center

For more information feel free to contact us devorah on 644316850 and we will be more than willing to help you chose the type of massage or Osteopathy treatment best for you.

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