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Weather you are looking for group or private classes, mat or reformer, we are here to help pick the right pilates class for you!

Pilates Classic: A mixed level class: A class designed to teach the 5 basic pilates principles; breathing, pelvis stabilisation, shoulder stabilisation. Modifications are offered in all classes for more advanced practitioners. A physically, and mentally challenging class. Click here to reserve your class

Pilates Posture: A class focused on the abdominals, back and shoulder muscles to achieve improved strength and flexibility, to improve their posture as well as seek pain relief for back, shoulder and neck. This class is an intermediate class and it is recommended that students take a minimal of 4 beginners classes before joining this class. Click here to reserve your class

Pilates Pre and Post natal classes: Pilates targets the tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles, which are the muscles most effected during pregnancy and after birth. Pilates is a completely safe way to exercise while helping you maintain the strength you need during pregnancy. Click here to reserve your class

Barre Pilates: A high energy Pilate’s class to music which includes a mix of Pilates and Ballet techniques. This class is will strengthen your core, working long lean leg muscles and lifting that bum. Also suitable for pre and post-natal.. Click here to reserve your class

Pilates with foam rollers. Foam rollers change your mat pilates workout into a class that includes massage techniques, challenges stability and offers a wider range of exercises. Great for those wanting to reduce muscle tightness an tension.

Pilates with a resistance band class: A series of Pilates exercises working against the resistance of a band. All the advantages of Pilates with weights, but in a more effective and safer manner. Click here to reserve your class

Pilates Reformer classes; Exercises performed on a reformer machine, designed to work with resistance for a strong workout. Reformer boasts a variety of interesting and challenging exercises that can not be performed on the mat. Private or Duo classes only.  Click here to reserve your class

Private pilates classes designed to help you achieve your goals whether you are looking to strengthen the spine, reduce neck pain or gain a flatter stomach. Reserve your place now

Vinyasa yoga classes: (Also known as Yoga flow) follows a set series of postures that flow from one to the other with the breath. Regular practice of Vinyasa yoga help improve the circulation, weight loss, calm and wellbeing. One 2 One classes only. Reserve your place now

One 2 One fitness training in the park or outside space of your choice. Classic and innovative modern physical training techniques to help you burn fat, tone and improve cardio, special equipment used. Reserve your place now

Your first class

At SimplyBe Pilates Barcelona we recommend your first class is a private pilates class. We offer this advice to all, especially for those who have had previous medical problems or are pregnant. A private pilates class is the best environment to properly assess your posture and movement, and to prepare you for the group classes. We want you to get the most from your class’s whether you continue with private sessions or move to group classes.

During your first private class we will give you a complete postural assessment, a personalized exercise plan and nutritional advice for free.

Click here for more information regarding our prices or timetable . 

*Simplybe Pilates Barcelona boasts international Pilates and therapists.  Pilates Classes are taught in English / Spanish dependent on the group.

* Pilates Classes not taken will be lost when the membership expires, classes can be re-cooperated when you renew your membership.

What to wear

It is important for us to be able to see your body so that we can gain a clear picture of your postural habits. Please wear comfortable clothes which will allow us to see your form as we exercise. Footwear is not required though many feel more comfortable in socks.

For more information regarding pilates class prices, or our bright and airy studio – Pilates Barcelona with SimplyBePilates, click here

* First half price pilates class can not be used in conjunction with other offers. Pilates classes are held in our beautiful Pilates studio based in the center of Barcelona.

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