Pilates Prices for all budgets no sign up fee or perminate contract.

Pilates Prices

Pay the way that works best for you

Our Pilates Prices

Enjoy a range of different Pilates Mat, Reformer and Pregnancy classes. Choose what works best for you, from drop in classes to monthly subscription.

We recommend combining Pilates with Manual Therapy sessions such as Massage and Structural Osteopathy.

We don’t lock you into a 12 month contract, or ask you for sign up fees.

We do offer great Pilates classes

Pilates Monthly

1 class a week: 55€
2 classes a week: 79€
Unlimited 115€
Single 15€

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Pre-natal Monthly

1 class a week: 65€
2 classes a week: 110€
Trial 10€
Single 20€

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Drop in Classes

5 pilates mat classes: 70€
10 Pilates mat classes: 135€
5 Pilates pregnancy classes: 75€
10 Pilates pregnancy classes: 140€

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Private Reformer & Yoga

Individual class: 60€
Pack of 5: 279€
Pack of 10: 529€
Pilates-Yoga-P.T at home: 70€
Pack of 5: 325€

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Osteopathy / Electro Therapy

Individual sessions: 65€
Pack of 5: 300€
Pack of 10: 575€
Osteopathy at home: 99€
Pack of 5: 475€

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Massage / Electro Therapy

Individual session: 60€
Pack of 5: 280€
Pack of 10: 550€
Massage at home: 89€
Pack of 5: 425€

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All our Pilates classes and Manual Therapy sessions are carried out by highly trained, experienced professionals who speak English and Spanish

Packs of private sessions include an exercise program

Prices may vary depending on the time and notice offered for the appointment

Packs of 5 valid for 2 months / Packs of 10 Valid for 3 months (packs under offers are valid for 6 weeks / 2 months respectively

Max. 8 women in pregnancy classes – personal attention for every exercise

Refunds are authorised under management consideration

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