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Classes start on time so out of consideration for the instructor and other class members, please arrive five minutes before your class starts. The warm-up is an important aspect of each class and essential for your own safety.

Unless otherwise stated group matwork classes are not suitable for injury rehabilitation. Please check with your medical practitioner that you are in good health to join a Pilates class. A osteopathy session or massage or individual sessions may be more suitable for your specific requirements.
any injuries must be declared in writing.to simplybepilates at info@simplybepilates.com before starting any activites and is the responsibilty of the client

Places in class cannot be reserved until payment is received. There is often a waiting list for places. Before the course ends you will be invited to re-enrol for the following course, however if your payment has not been received by the required date your place will be offered to the next person waiting to join.

There are no refunds for classes missed without notice or with less than 24 hours notice.

Missed classes can be carried over to a future course or term as mong as.you are still in.membership. classes cmtaanan not be applied against private lessons.

In cases of osteopathy and massage i consent there are some slight risks to the treatment i accept that the osteopath has used his / her best judgement to treat me and do not expect a full explination.of the procedure.

I understand that in pilates, osteopathy and massage results are not guarentted.

In the event of injury i assume all risk in any simplybe service and hold responsibility for my participation. in the event.of any unusual hazzard during my presence or participation i will remove myself. i fully understand this statement and have agreed freely without any inducement.

By agreeing to these.terms and conditions we reserve the rights to use your email and telephone number for promotional purposes within reason. We will not give your data to third partys. If.you wish to read more about.out data privacy policy please go.to…(see data policy)

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